Entry for The Art Order -F(r)iction Cover Challenge. Specifics of the project are as follows:
- Must incorporate the color blue
- Content should be somewhat surreal in nature
I went with a water spirit/demon - a kelpie, as Celtic folklore has it. 
"According to The Lowland Scottish name of a fabled water-spirit or demon assuming various shapes, but usually appearing in that of a horse. The kelpie is reputed to haunt lakes and rivers, and to take delight in, or even to bring about, the drowning of travellers and others.
The beliefs relating to the kelpie are essentially the same as those connected with the Danish and Norwegian nøkken, and the Icelandic nykur or nennir; but in Scotland the kelpie was sometimes held to render assistance to millers by keeping the mill going during the night." 
Oxford English Dictionary
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